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How to call 911 operator if you’re injured in a collision


Find a police or emergency vehicle.

Call 911 to report the accident or the accident scene.

If you’re alone, call 911 if you think there’s a person nearby or if you see any emergency vehicles.

Callers may be called to come to your aid or to assist a person with a medical condition.

If the accident is reported as a death, the police or a medical examiner will have to determine the cause of death.


Talk to a dispatcher.

Listen to instructions and questions from the operator to determine if there’s any chance the operator can assist.

Do not panic.

Do NOT get in the way of the operator.


Call the local emergency number.

You can call the local police or dispatch centre to report an accident, or call the city’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) line for a non-emergency medical service.

The 911 operator will know where to find the nearest EMS service.


Get medical help.

Find an ambulance or ambulance dispatcher.

If it’s an ambulance, ask if they’re on duty and ask them if you can come in.

If they’re not on duty, ask them to call the 911 operator.

Ask for a list of EMS paramedics, and ask if the ambulance is staffed with emergency medical technicians (EMTs).


Ask a dispatcher to help.

Ask if the operator has any injuries or any other medical problems.

If there’s an emergency, they may need to provide you with a list or call you by name.

The operator may have to be transferred to another station, or a police station, to get medical assistance.

If an operator is injured, they should not be in the station alone.


Report to the nearest hospital.

If necessary, the operator may need an ambulance to come and help.

If that’s not possible, call your local hospital emergency department or 911.

If medical equipment is needed, get a local ambulance to take the ambulance to the station or dispatch center.


Ask about the incident.

If possible, ask the operator for details of the accident.

The dispatcher should be able to give you details about the accident, including where the collision occurred and the person or vehicle involved.


Call for help.

The first person to call is always the one who is injured.

Ask the operator if they can call you if you are in a car accident or an accident that involved another person.

If this is a serious or life-threatening accident, the dispatcher may need someone to come in for help or to administer first aid.


Call an ambulance.

Get a paramedic to come with you to the emergency department.

If emergency medical services are available, call the emergency medical service’s (EMS’s) dispatch centre and ask for an ambulance driver.

The ambulance driver should be a licensed paramedic, and have the knowledge to administer CPR and other medical treatments to the injured person.


Get more information.

If any of the following happens: You see an emergency vehicles or police in the area, and the operator doesn’t respond

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What to know about the operation that shut down an offshore oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico

The operators of an offshore platform near Louisiana have been ordered to pay $8.7 million in fines after the operator of the platform was charged with breaking environmental laws.

The operators were ordered to give the government at least $3 million and the company an additional $2.2 million for environmental violations, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday by the Louisiana Environmental Protection Agency.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in New Orleans, is the latest in a series of actions by the EPA against offshore oil platforms.

The agency issued a record number of fines this year, with $12.5 billion paid to the oil industry.

The EPA also sued the operators of two other offshore oil rigs in Texas in August.

The Texas rig had been operating in the Atlantic for more than two years, and the Louisiana rig was operated by Shell Oil and its subsidiaries in the state for more, the lawsuit said.

The Louisiana operation operated the Deepwater Horizon oil rig and operated a platform on the same stretch of Louisiana’s coast where a spill happened in 2010, the agency said.

Shell and its partners have not said how much they paid for the Deepwells.

The Deepwater Oil rig was owned by a partnership of companies led by Shell, Exxon Mobil and BP, and operated in the waters off Louisiana’s coastline from mid-October through mid-February.

The other offshore rig was run by Transocean, which is controlled by BP.

The two rigs are not subject to the same environmental rules as those of the Deep Wells, and it is unclear whether the Deep Water Well was operating at the same time, the EPA said in its report.

The rig owners in Louisiana said the investigation found the company failed to comply with the company’s permit requirements.

The companies are still seeking to recover the fines.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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