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How to add song and song title to your podcast title page in WordPress

If you use WordPress, you can use a plugin called HappyCake to create a nice WordPress podcast title.

HappyCakes plugin adds a new, custom-made blog title to each podcast title, making it easy to add and share your favorite episodes and episodes that you’ve never heard of.

To get started, open up HappyCave and add a title for your podcast.

This can be anything, like “The Show of the Week” or “The Week in Podcasting.”

Next, click on the menu icon in the top right corner of the WordPress dashboard, and select “Add New Project.”

HappyCaves plugin automatically creates a new project for you, and you can click on it to add it to your blog.

Once the project is created, you need to add your podcast’s title as a custom-built title.

This will help HappyCakes to remember your podcast titles.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add the title of my podcast to the title page of your blog and make it look nice.

Before we get started though, you’ll need to create the title for the podcast in HappyCapes plugin.

First, go to HappyCove and click on “Add a Custom Title” under “Custom Titles” in the menu.

In the “Custom Title” section, select the title you want to use for your new title.

You’ll need this title for when you share your podcast with your friends.

Click “Save” and you’re done!

Once you’ve added the title to the page, you should be able to see it in the navigation bar on the left side of your WordPress dashboard.

Happycake plugin’s title generator automatically converts the title from your podcast to your custom title.

Click on “View the URL” and the title should show up in your WordPress blog title box.

Now that you have a nice title for all your podcast episodes, let’s add some more to the sidebar.

Open up Happycaves plugin and click the menu button in the bottom right corner.

In HappyCases menu, click “Title.”

From the menu that opens, click the “Title” button at the bottom of the page.

Happycake’s title is the one that you want for your blog title, so you can easily add it as a title to all your posts and episodes.

Happy Cake adds the title as well.

Once you add the page title to a page, HappyCooks plugin will automatically convert it to a title and send it to the blog as a new title, like this: HappyCancelled podcast title Now that we’ve added our podcast title to our blog, let us add the song and title of the episode to the list of episodes in our podcast.

Open HappyCurents plugin and go to the “New Podcast” menu.

Happy cake’s plugin will create a new playlist to your site with a new name for your episode.

Next, go into your podcast directory, add the name of your podcast and the song to the playlist.

Happy Cakes plugin automatically converts your new playlist title to an episode title and sends it to you as a podcast title as an option.

Now you can start listening to your new episode by selecting the playlist from your WordPress podcast directory and selecting the “play” button.

HappyCs podcast will automatically download the episode and play it in your browser.

Happy Episode will now start playing, but you can still listen to your episodes from the sidebar of your page by selecting “Listen to Podcast.”

Happy Episode now has the title “The Episode,” so you don’t have to type it in manually every time you want a podcast episode to appear on your site.

Happy episode will now show up as an episode of your favorite podcast.

HappyEpisode now has a nice little podcast title for each episode.

HappyEpisodes is now a nice new feature for your WordPress podcasts.

You can now create a playlist with a name that you like and have it appear in your podcast page when you subscribe to your favorite podcasts.

Happy Episodes will automatically display a new episode title for you each time you subscribe, so now you can watch your favorite episode on your podcast home page.

Let’s finish off the sidebar by creating a new podcast title from our podcast’s name and adding a new song to it.

Open your HappyCures plugin and open your “new podcast title” folder.

Happycell will automatically create a folder for you to add a new album title to.

Next to that folder, Happycakes plugin will add a folder to the top of the sidebar with the name “New Album.”

You can then drag the folder name to your newly created folder on the sidebar, so HappyCaks will automatically add a file to the new album.

Happy episodes now has two albums: “Happy Episode” and “Happy Episodes.”

To listen to HappyEpisons episodes, simply go to your HappyEps podcast directory.

Happyepisodes will show up on the

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