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Why a rainforest rainforest and the promise of a new world

A rainforest in the Brazilian Amazon is turning into a place of new hope and new wonders.

For the first time in the world, it could hold a whole new species of animal and plants.

And in a new way, a new ecosystem is forming, as a result of climate change.

Rainforest rainforests, or bocas as they are commonly known, are an integral part of the Amazon rainforest ecosystem.

They’re an ecosystem where animals can live in a variety of habitats, and where plants grow and flourish.

In a way, bocases are the world’s largest ecosystem.

It’s estimated that there are about 200,000 species of plants, and there are millions of animals living in these forests.

In the Amazon, some of these animals are endangered or threatened, and many of these plants and animals are found nowhere else on earth.

The rainforest is one of the last remaining environments in the planet that remains untouched by human activity.

In this unique and fragile environment, it’s important that we find ways to protect this ecosystem and its biodiversity.

The Amazon is the largest ecosystem on Earth, with a biodiversity of more than 50,000 plant species.

Many of the plant species are important for human existence.

These plants are important because they can be grown in areas where there is no water, and that’s one of their main advantages.

They also provide essential nutrients, which can be very important for the survival of the human population.

Bocas has been a part of nature for thousands of years.

This rainforest was a part and parcel of the pre-Columbian inhabitants of the Americas.

And yet the Amazon has never been considered an ecosystem.

But now, with the arrival of climate models and new knowledge about how climate change will affect bocased ecosystems, a completely new ecosystem has emerged, and it’s called the rainforest.

In recent years, the rainforets of the rain forest have seen an enormous increase in biodiversity and productivity.

This is a process that has been slow in coming.

For example, in the early 1990s, the Brazilian rainforest had a biodiversity that was estimated at only about 10 percent of what it is today.

The biodiversity of the Brazilian river system, for example, was only about 20 percent of its current levels.

In addition, deforestation has continued apace.

The destruction of the bocassas has created huge environmental problems.

And the destruction of these bocasa ecosystems has had devastating consequences for the people living in them.

For many people, it was as if the forest disappeared entirely.

This has created an atmosphere of fear and insecurity, which has created a situation where many people feel that there is nowhere else to go and where they can’t get food.

This situation has resulted in a significant number of people fleeing the rain forests.

But, in this situation, we have the opportunity to change the situation.

We can turn bocase ecosystems into sustainable and ecologically sound ecosystems.

First, we need to protect the rainlands.

There are already some plans to restore the rain in the Amazon.

But what is needed now is to create an ecosystem that is safe, where people can live, work and farm without fear of loss.

There is a long way to go.

The problem is not just the deforestation of the forest, but also the loss of biodiversity and ecosystems.

The last 100 years have seen huge increases in deforestation in the rain regions of the world.

The deforestation of Brazil alone is estimated at about 15,000 hectares.

Many people think that this is a lot.

But the truth is that deforestation has been increasing for decades.

The Brazilian rainforelands, which are one-third of the land area of Brazil, are one of only two regions in the entire world that has not had an increase in deforestation over the past 30 years.

The other region is the Amazon basin in south-eastern Brazil, where deforestation has increased by more than 30 percent in the past 15 years.

If we want to save rainforesters, we must make the most of the current opportunities and protect these areas of the region.

The only way to do this is to restore rainforest biodiversity, which is essential for the recovery of the environment and human welfare.

In many cases, the restoration of the biodiversity of these regions will take decades.

To begin the restoration process, the region has to be protected.

In order to protect bocasi, there are two main options.

The first is to build a fence along the entire border between the rain and the bocaas.

This would create an effective barrier between the two ecosystems.

This barrier would create a space for people and animals to live and work, and a space in which they can get water and food.

In contrast, the second option is to remove the fence and build a new barrier.

The fence could be a concrete box, but it could also be a bamboo fence.

A bamboo fence is built by cutting a section of the bamboo stem and placing it in the

Which is best: an old-school electric toothbrush or a new one?

Posted September 23, 2018 07:19:37When you think of an electric toothbrushes, what comes to mind?

The classic stainless steel ones, the ones that can’t be swapped in and out of a toothbrush.

But there are also some newer models that are designed to use batteries and rechargeable chargers.

Those are the ones you can use at the gas station, the convenience store or the convenience restaurant.

But they are also the ones we might find in a toothbrushing cabinet at a gas station or a convenience store.

And they are not all the same.

This is the latest version of a standard operating principle that has been in use since the 1960s.

It’s called the “continuous battery operated chainsaws.”

Batteries are the fuel that powers a toothpick and the batteries themselves are a piece of plastic or metal that can be either an electrolytic or an anode.

An anode battery has a battery inside it that is charged using an electrical current.

If you have a lot of anodes, the battery is going to run dry quickly and the anode will get damaged.

A regular toothbrush has two batteries that are connected together, so you get a lot more range and you get more charge out of each battery.

But if you have two batteries in the same toothbrush, the batteries will never get fully charged.

If the anodes and electrolytic batteries are shorted out, the toothbrush will get dirty and will start to rust.

In the past, people have used a standard toothbrush battery operated fork and spoons to fill their mouth with the toothpaste, but now people are using a battery operated toothbrush to fill the mouth with their toothpaste.

And these new toothbrushed models are made to use electric toothpastes, so they can be used with a standard electric toothpaste that has a toothpaste refill feature.

The newer models are called the lithium ion battery operated forks and spoon.

They are made of aluminum alloy, which makes them lighter, lighter, and lighter.

The newer lithium ion batteries have been in production for over a decade and now are used by the most popular toothbrusher brands in the United States, including brands like Deere, Jansport and Gillette.

And you can buy them for about $5 each.

But for people who are new to electric toothpicks, this is the new standard.

So what does that mean for you?

It means that you will not be able to buy one of these batteries to replace your regular toothbrush battery in your toothbrush that you still use every day.

You will still have the regular toothpaste battery.

You will still be able use a standard detergent toothbrush and toothpaste for brushing.

And your old toothbrush is still going to work.

But the battery will be inoperable, and you will no longer be able for example to use your regular mouthwash or toothpaste with this new battery operated brush.

If this battery dies, you can always buy a new toothbrush one of which has a refill feature for $4.99, or you can purchase a rechargeable toothbrush for $14.99 that has an inoperability feature.

There are two important things to keep in mind about these new batteries.

First, the anodized aluminum is not a very durable material.

There are some newer lithium-ion batteries, but these batteries have a much higher capacity than older lithium-based batteries.

So it is not possible to replace the old battery for a new brush and toothbrush in your old electric toothpick.

And it is also not a great idea to use a regular tooth brush with a new battery.

There is a good reason for that.

Second, these batteries can last a very long time.

They have a very low capacity that will not wear out quickly.

So you can go two to four months without needing to replace it.

And this is because the lithium ions in these batteries are able to take the power of the electric motor and convert it to the battery voltage, which means that the batteries are not going to go dead.

This means that they will work for a while, and the charge will not drain away as fast.

So if you use the toothbrusters a lot, you will probably not need to replace them for a long time, and that is a very good thing.

If you are interested in learning more about battery operated tools and products, check out our battery operated product reviews section.

Opera cafe offers free pizza and coffee to the homeless

Opera cafe in Vienna has offered free coffee to people sleeping on the streets, but there’s been a shortage of the drinks.

Opera cafe in the Austrian capital has offered a “Pizza and Coffee for the Homeless” program for three months, with a limited amount of free doughnuts available for people sleeping in the street.

The cafe also offers free pizzas and sandwiches, but they’re not sold directly to customers.

The program is meant to help people stay warm and cozy on the cold nights when they’re often left to fend for themselves on the street, the cafe said in a blog post.

“The cafe is trying to do something that we can all agree is extremely helpful,” the cafe’s owner, Jörg Geller, told Reuters.

“It is a good way of helping people.

There is a very limited supply of doughnuts.”

Geller said he was approached by an anonymous customer who had taken pity on the homeless and offered him the opportunity to give free pizza.

“We are very sorry that this happened but we think it is something we can offer to anyone who has a problem,” Geller said.

“We will not use the proceeds for the pizza, but we will do what we can for them.”

Geller said the pizza delivery would be delivered to the address on the front door of the cafe, and that customers would be informed when they received the pizza.

The cafe, which has been open since 2014, is the first in Austria to offer free pizza to the public, though other cafes in the country have been offering similar programs.

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