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Opera cafe offers free pizza and coffee to the homeless

Opera cafe in Vienna has offered free coffee to people sleeping on the streets, but there’s been a shortage of the drinks.

Opera cafe in the Austrian capital has offered a “Pizza and Coffee for the Homeless” program for three months, with a limited amount of free doughnuts available for people sleeping in the street.

The cafe also offers free pizzas and sandwiches, but they’re not sold directly to customers.

The program is meant to help people stay warm and cozy on the cold nights when they’re often left to fend for themselves on the street, the cafe said in a blog post.

“The cafe is trying to do something that we can all agree is extremely helpful,” the cafe’s owner, Jörg Geller, told Reuters.

“It is a good way of helping people.

There is a very limited supply of doughnuts.”

Geller said he was approached by an anonymous customer who had taken pity on the homeless and offered him the opportunity to give free pizza.

“We are very sorry that this happened but we think it is something we can offer to anyone who has a problem,” Geller said.

“We will not use the proceeds for the pizza, but we will do what we can for them.”

Geller said the pizza delivery would be delivered to the address on the front door of the cafe, and that customers would be informed when they received the pizza.

The cafe, which has been open since 2014, is the first in Austria to offer free pizza to the public, though other cafes in the country have been offering similar programs.

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