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U.S. troops deployed to Yemen as Iran-backed Houthis launch ground offensive

The United States and its allies on Friday deployed about 2,000 troops to the Arabian Peninsula nation to bolster the fight against a Houthi offensive against a coalition of nations that include Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt and the United States.

The deployment comes as the Houthis, a powerful military group allied with Iran, have escalated their attacks in recent weeks against the coalition, which has been carrying out airstrikes against the group.

The U.N. says more than 200 civilians, including at least two children, have been killed since the offensive began on May 14, according to the coalition.

The U.K. said Friday that the deaths are “deeply concerning.”

The coalition’s coalition commander, Rear Adm.

John Kirby, said Friday the coalition will continue to work with Yemen’s government and the international community to fight the Houthi insurgency.

Kirby, the first American commander to be deployed to the war-torn country since the war began, is based at the Pentagon.

On Friday, Kirby said he was working with Saudi Arabia to coordinate military action against the Houths, which he said is in its last days.

Kirby said the U.A.E. and Bahrain are coordinating airstrikes with the United Kingdom to help counter the Houthian offensive.

He said the coalition is also taking a “very clear position” that it is against Iran-allied Houthis operating in Yemen.

But he said the United Nations and the U

‘The opera of my life’: Opera legend’s life, career and death in an opera

“The opera has been an integral part of my journey.

And now it has ended.”

The man whose career began in the 1950s with the opera The Marriage of Figaro, died Friday at age 92, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The Times said a man who wished to remain anonymous spoke to the news agency by phone.

The Associated Press identified the man only as Mr. M.

The man, who played “Othello” in more than 20 productions, first began performing as an opera singer in the 1920s, said his son, William M. Mather, in a statement.

He was known as a versatile performer, a master of his instrument and a tireless worker, said Mr. William Mather.

The legend of opera was born in the early 20th century in Italy, with the work of Antonio Giorgi and Antonio Salieri.

Mr. Salieri wrote The Marriage.

Mr. Salier was a master composer and operatic director, with operas like “La Traviata” and “Credo della Capitale.”

The opera’s most famous character, Romeo, died in 1922.

The work of the man who has never sung the praises of the opera is to be read in opera house after opera house on Friday.

Mr Mather said he was happy to be the only person able to perform “La Tortoise.”

Mr. Mazzoni said he would always be proud to be associated with the legacy of the work.

“I am proud to say that it is one of the greatest operas in the world,” Mr. Michael said in the statement.

“I have never sung a single line in it.

It is one that is still sung today.

I know that every opera is an emotional experience.”

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