What we know about the recent U.S. government shutdown

Jul 7, 2021 Project

What we don’t know about a new law that would shut down the U.N. headquarters in New York and shut down U.K. and French embassies, including France, in protest of the Paris terror attacks.

In an interview on Friday with The Huffington Store, President Donald Trump defended the government shutdown and the actions of congressional Republicans, saying he “won’t allow it to be used against us.”

“This was an attack on the United States, and I won’t allow the United Nations to be in my country,” Trump said.

“And, by the way, you know, we’ve got the greatest security apparatus in the world.”

In a letter to Congress, Trump said he had asked for $3.8 billion in emergency funding to pay for security at U.R.O.s in the U .

S. and abroad, as well as emergency travel and food assistance.

Trump said the funds would be used to help pay for the U ,N.

mission, which is due to close by Sept. 30.

The United Nations is the world body’s headquarters, and it is located in New Orleans.

The letter said the United Kingdom and France, which host U.

Ns., were threatened with a shutdown if they did not accept Trump’s demands.

The Trump administration has faced widespread criticism from Democrats, Republicans and some civil rights groups over the use of a government shutdown to pressure countries to reject Trump’s orders.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

Trump also defended his administration’s actions, saying it is “totally against” what the United Nation’s Charter is supposed to be about, including protecting the lives of its citizens.

Trump said he would ask the United N. to negotiate with the U and other countries.

“If we don’it’s over,” he said.

The president did not say what he would demand from the United nations, but he told the store store that “I will make that happen” if they refused.

The U.M.A. is a British-based group that helps people in developing countries build a foundation for democracy and human rights, and has worked to improve economic development in Africa.

The U.P. is also known for its humanitarian work.

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