Which is the dark winter? The Globe and Mail

Aug 26, 2021 Case

Dark winter operating cost $2.7 million for the full year, according to the company’s financial statements, with another $2 million to be paid over two years.

But it is expected that those operating costs will be passed on to the taxpayer. 

Operating cost  for 2017-2018 operating year.

Source: Financial Post, March 31, 2018 The company has been operating for nearly five years, and is already paying $3 million a year to the government, but that is expected to rise as the cost of running the program grows.

“Operating costs are a big part of the costs we are bringing forward,” said Matt Toth, the company vice-president of strategic partnerships and public affairs.

“The operating costs are not the only part of our costs.”

While dark winter has had an impact on the economy, Toth said the program’s economic benefits are “broadly well-understood.”

“We believe the dark-winter economic impact is broadly well-defined and quantifiable,” he said.

“We also think the dark winters program has the potential to be an important public health, economic and environmental program in the long term.”

The dark winter program is funded through the National Energy Board’s Operating Support Fund.

The program is designed to help Alberta get rid of coal-fired power plants that contribute to global warming and help reduce emissions from the electricity sector.

The province’s dark winter is expected be completed by 2022.

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