I’m just a soldier in a big warzone, says soldier in new thriller

Aug 10, 2021 Case

The latest thriller from acclaimed thriller writer, director and producer, John R. MacLeod, is a thriller set in the middle of the war.

The film will be released on March 20, 2018, in Canada, USA, the UK and Australia.

MacLeod is the producer of the critically acclaimed “Dumb and Dumber To” franchise, which has sold over 25 million copies worldwide.

He is also the author of the upcoming book “The Battle for the Sane Mind.”

In a recent interview with CTV’s The Early Show, MacLeod shared how he was inspired to write and direct a thriller.

“There’s so much great stuff out there in movies and television, and so much to do.

So, I thought, I’m going to put all that stuff on the table,” he said.

“I’m just trying to do something that’s as realistic as possible, but also have it feel like a thriller.”

The war in the fictional city of Sintra is in the midst of its second year, and is being fought in an increasingly violent way.

MacLesons novel takes place in the year 2029.

The movie opens with a character called Sam, played by Canadian actor David Hyde Pierce, who finds himself trapped in a warzone in the city of Sansternia.

“It’s an old-fashioned war zone.

It’s got a lot of the same stuff that we’ve seen in war zones all over the world,” MacLeod said.

Macleod explained that the characters characters are not a traditional military group.

“We’re not in a military regiment, or a regular army.

We’re not even part of a military branch,” Macleons said.

The characters are a mix of civilians, soldiers and mercenaries.

“You can’t really see the army as anything,” MacLeson said.

The film focuses on the city, and its residents.

The war is a real-life struggle between the government and the rebel group, and a number of other characters including the head of the city’s police force, the police chief, the mayor, and the mayor’s daughter.

MacLeods book also follows the exploits of Sam, a soldier who is tasked with defending the city and the citizens.

“The city is so dangerous that if you were to walk down the street and the only thing that’s going to stop you is a gun, you would not be able to do anything,” said Macleods novel.

“I think that’s where the movie comes from, the city is such a dangerous place.

There are always people that are scared of going out, there are always the things that are out of their control,” MacLeod said.

Macleods characters have been trained to fight, and MacLeod says he wanted to take the audience into the trenches of battle.

“We’re fighting in the trenches, and you see this big battle going on around us.

It was just such a big, massive, epic war that there was just no way I was going to take a single person into that battle,” MacLees told CTV News Channel.”

In this war zone, the people have no choice but to fight,” Mac Leod added.

The battle for Sintras heart is the city that the film takes place.

“The city has been rebuilt, and it’s got this amazing cityscape.

It has a great art gallery.

It also has a very high concentration of mercenaries and a whole bunch of other people who are basically mercenaries that are there to take over the city.

It really is the middle ground of all of the world.

We just need to get out of here,” MacLEs novel states.

Macleoes novel takes a more realistic approach to the conflict.

The city is not built to withstand a full-scale war, and even though the city has a police force and a government, it is still in danger.

“If I’m a soldier, if I’m not going to die in that battle, it’s going not matter what happens.

That’s the thing about war, it just doesn’t matter what you’re doing, and if you’re not doing anything, there’s no point in you doing it,” Macles said.”

It’s like the world has a sense of humour, it always has.

It always has a laugh.

You can’t be afraid of death.”

MacLesons book is set in a world where the city was never built to be used as a military base.

It is a fictional city where civilians, military personnel and the government all work together to fight for a common cause.

“All of this stuff that has happened, I wanted to show that this is not just a fictional warzone.

It can actually be real,” Mac leods book states.

The military’s role is a major player in the story, and they will help protect the civilians.

The civilians will also be a major part of

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