Google announces $2 billion investment into technology company [The Verge]

Jul 26, 2021 Contact

The Google Ventures group, which includes its founders and other investors, announced Monday that it is acquiring software-as-a-service firm Talon Technologies.

The deal, which is subject to regulatory approval, is valued at $2.2 billion.

Talon is one of several companies that are trying to take advantage of new technologies to serve the needs of big data-driven companies.

The company was founded by Talon co-founders Andrew Tilton and David Pogue.

Talons software has been used in Google’s cloud services, and it has been deployed in enterprise software, as well.

Google is investing in Talon as a way to accelerate its effort to build its own data centers and cloud services.

Talos’ data center infrastructure includes about 2,000 servers, a powerpack, and two compute nodes.

Google has also been working with Talon to develop a cloud computing service called Google Cloud Platform, which would provide developers with a centralized, private, and affordable cloud platform that would be able to run any code on any machine.

Google, which has about 30 billion Internet searches a day, is a big user of the Talon technology, and Talon has been helping Google build and scale its own cloud services as part of its infrastructure.

Google said in a blog post that it plans to use Talon’s technology to help improve Google’s search engine and other products, and that it expects the acquisition to help Talon accelerate its growth.

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