The Latest: Operation Barbarossa closes in on Tel Aviv as Israelis prepare to march on Jerusalem

Jul 17, 2021 Service Process

A series of deadly assaults on Israeli security forces in Jerusalem and other parts of the occupied West Bank, including the murder of a soldier and the wounding of four others, has pushed the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to declare martial law in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Netanyahu announced Friday that Israel would impose martial law and declare a state of emergency, in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, on Sunday.

Netzim has declared a state in the East Jerusalem neighborhoods of Silwan, Silwan al-Quds and Silwan Al-Qiyama.

In Jerusalem, soldiers and police officers opened fire on residents who were trying to enter the Old City of Jerusalem from the Old Port of Haifa.

One person was killed and a police officer was wounded.

An Israeli police spokesman said at least 10 people were wounded and one person was seriously wounded by the shooting.

A Palestinian medic said he believed three people were killed.

The police chief said three Palestinian gunmen opened fire and the others fled.

He said the gunmen were hiding in an apartment in the Old Town, but he could not immediately confirm whether they were armed.

Netanyahus office in Jerusalem said the attack took place at around 9:30 a.m.

(0200 GMT) near the entrance to a residential area and was followed by gunfire from the Palestinian side of the Old Street.

The Old City has been a flashpoint of violent unrest in recent years and a frequent flashpoint for Palestinians seeking to enter Israel.

Palestinians say Israeli soldiers and settlers use disproportionate force against them in Jerusalem.

They have long accused Israel of violating international law by not allowing them to establish an independent and contiguous Palestinian state in East Jerusalem, which Israel captured in 1967.

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